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Mitre Gears

What is a Mitre Gear?

Mitre gears are part of the category of gears that generally feature 90 degree rotating intersecting axes. They are a type of Bevel Gear with a ratio of 1:1 and work in pairs. They are also available in spiral and angular versions.

Range Features

  • 0.8-6.0 MOD/5-48DP
  • Steel EN8, (080M40/080M46) or equivalent 1:1 Ratio
  • Brass CZ 121 1 1: Ratio
  • Die Cast Zinc 1:1 Ratio
  • Moulded Nylon 6 (PA6), 30% Glass filled
  • Moulded HOSTAFORM® C
  • Hard-wearing Polyketone
  • Moulded Acetal/DELRIN® 500 1:1 Ratio
  • Sold in pairs