BS Duplex Roller Chain

British Standard steel roller chain types 05B-2 (8mm), 06B-2 (3/8") & 08B-2 (1/2")

Please note that our chain is sold per metre but also available in boxed lengths of 5m

£12.84 (£15.41 UK, incl VAT)
Duplex Chain 05B 8mm / metre Specification: Pitch P: 8mm Roller diameter A: 5mm Width between inner plates B: 3mm Pin diameter C: 2.31mm Pin Length D: 13.9mm...
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£10.92 (£13.10 UK, incl VAT)
Duplex Chain 06B 3/8" / metre Specification: Pitch P: 9.525mm Roller diameter A: 6.35mm Width between inner plates B: 5.72mm Pin diameter C: 3.28mm Pin...
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£10.93 (£13.12 UK, incl VAT)
Duplex Chain 08B 1/2" / metre Specification: Pitch P: 12.7mm Roller diameter A: 8.51mm Width between inner plates B: 7.75mm Pin diameter C: 4.45mm Pin Length...
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