Linear Bearing LMK6UU 6mm Square Flange Bushing

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Like our standard LMF6UU linear slide bush for 6mm hardened steel shafts but square flange mounting rather than round.

  • Bearing Diameter D: 12mm
  • Flange Size K: 22x22mm
  • Overall Length L: 16mm
  • Flange Width H: 5mm
  • Flange Mounting Holes PCD: 20mm
  • Inside diameter: 6mm
  • Number of ball rows: 4

The product you have listed "Linear Bearing LMK6UU 6mm Square Flange Bushing", can you confirm for me that the bore is 6mm and that this will fit a shaft of 6mm diameter? In the description it says the "inside diameter is 8mm". Also, do you still stock the LMF6UU model with a round flange and 6mm shaft bore? Thanks.

Asked by Jamie Kneale | 27/02/2017, 22:30 | 1 answer(s)